Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, it is also called as Yogic sleep or psychic sleep. The familiarity of Yoga Nidra these days signifies that people are seeking Yoga and ancient age old methods for their modern age problems. Yoga Nidra is the best solutions for the enormous stress everyone is going through. In yoga nidra, one enters into a state which is in between the sleeping state and the wakeful state. Before knowing more about Yoga Nidra, first let us focus on something which we are familiar with i.e. our regular sleep and how much are we aware of it. The best method to gain more understanding into something is to ask yourself the right questions and to contemplate on them. Have you ever thought over

What happens in sleep?

Why do we get up drained sometimes and rejuvenated at other times?

What exactly happens in sleep state which helps in rejuvenation of our body?

Continuous contemplation over such questions would lead us to more understanding and clarity on the areas which we are focused upon. The other important and more vital area where we need to focus and gain more clarity and understanding is upon the WAY WE ARE LIVING OUR LIFE. Have you ever wondered

Are we living a conscious life or unconscious life?

Are we consciously doing our actions or unconsciously?

How much are we aware of our body/mind/emotions?

How are we going on with our Life?

Something worth noting here, is that the advent of science and technology which has brought us more of outside comforts where in the entire focus was on researching on the external situation. But the irony here is we have never tried to look within and never tried to understand what is happening with in us. What are emotions? Why are we continuously occupied with numerous thoughts and how exactly am I operating my life? Such countless questions may arise, for such is the level of ignorance we are in when it comes to inner world. So let us all take some time to observe our inner mechanism and try to know more about ourselves. It is the right time to go back to our ancient tradition, our spiritual gurus who would give us enormous insights into this inner world who have dedicated their lives and researched in this inner phenomena.

 We spend more than a quarter of our time in sleep, approximately around 6 to 8 hours and for some people it might go way beyond 10 hours to 12 hours too. Overall, when we analyze our sleep it is evident that most of the time we can see that the mind is still active but at a different level.  During sleep, we get into different states. Sometimes we would be occupied with nightmares, disturbing dreams, deep sleep state where we do not remember anything and wakeup drained. On the other hand, when we are in a deep sleep state, we wake up quite rejuvenated and with more energy and enthusiasm. Studying this state gives us some insights into the Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is a dynamic sleep state where the body is utterly relaxed whereas the mind is absolutely active and aware of all the things going on around. This is the difference between yoga nidra and normal sleep state. In our normal sleep state we are not conscious of our surroundings, but here in yoga nidra we are absolutely aware and conscious of the surroundings. The mind is still and in the present while the body is in deep relaxed state. Swami Satyananda Saraswati is one of the persons who has reached this kind of state apart from other yogis like swami rama and few others have achieved such a state. Many yogis have devised a guided step by step process of instructions to get into yoga nidra.

Our Yoga teacher training in Goa takes utmost care in imparting this technique of Yoga Nidra. We choose a place where the atmosphere is serene and it is practiced in a calm and pleasant environment. The guided steps by the trained teachers would take the aspirants in to a deep relaxed state and at the same time emphasizing on alertness of mind. It helps in reducing the stress and tension which the body and mind goes through the wakeful time.

Our Yoga teacher training in Goa and at all centers of our yoga teacher training in India, we emphasize of certain specific benefits of Yoga Nidra like achieving single minded focus, where mind is focused on one aspect leaving the rest which helps in achieving the assigned goal. Various other benefits like better memory power and increased creativity and a better cure for psychological disorders can be achieved by practicing Yoga Nidra regularly.

It is always advisable that yoga nidra is practiced on a blanket or mat, not directly on floor as the temperature of body might drop and not to practice immediately after meals and away from external noises preferably in nature.